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UPS Alumni - Where are they now?

We are proud to say a lot of our Public Services alumni are now successfully employed in their chosen sector. We've caught up with some of our Public Services alumni to see where they are now and how far they have progressed in their careers since leaving College.

Alexandru Brihac - University Student

Alexandru has been a student in the  Sheppey College Public Services department for 4 years, progressing from Level 1 to Level 3 Year 2. 

This year Alexandru has been working to the distinction criterion, improving his grades from last year. 

Alexandru has also been part of the Student Union, a student rep and a member of the governor's board. Alexandru has been a role model to students, not only does he work hard in college but he maintains a part time job too, he has always displayed great self-discipline skills. 

Alexandru has now successfully gained a place at the University of Kent, undertaking a degree in Criminology, starting September 2020 after completing his Public Services course at Sheppey College. 



If you were a student at Sheppey College, we'd love to hear from you. Please email to share your success.