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Computing Alumni - Where are they now?

We are proud to say a lot of our Computing alumni are now successfully employed in their chosen sector. We've caught up with some of our Computing alumni to see where they are now and how far they have progressed in their careers since leaving College.

Elliott Simmonds - University Student 

We caught up with Elliott to see what he's up to now and how his time at Sheppey College helped him to get there: 

"When I began my time at Sheppey college, I was unsure of what to expect. I didn’t know fully which route I wanted to go down in my future career, except that I was sure I wanted to go into a computing career. Throughout my time at Sheppey college, I was introduced to a wide range of areas of computing both in and out of the classroom with the help of my tutors. I have also been given the n opportunity to go on brilliant trips with the college including EGX and Bletchley Park which were both enjoyable and taught me things I didn’t know before about different computing topics. I also completed work experience helping a real client create a website for her business which taught me new skills which were all valuable and widely applicable for the future, for example I learnt to work with customers who don’t understand technical aspects of a project, as well as general team building skills. As part of my course I was given support with any assignments that I needed help with, at any time of the day, as my tutors were always going out of their way to assist me with my course. The excellent college and extra curricular experience I was given has all contributed greatly towards me getting into the university I wanted, University of Gloucestershire. I will be doing cyber forensics, which is a topic I found most interesting through my extra curricular IT work. I hope to go on to work in this field after university!"


If you were a student at Sheppey College, we'd love to hear from you. Please email to share your success.