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Sheppey College Student Performs CPR

Level 1 Public Services student has helped so save a man's life after performing CPR.

Kacey Waters was walking through St Michael's Church, when she spotted a man laying on the floor. She went over to see if he was alright when she spotted blood coming from his head. She asked he friend to call 999 and was told to check if the man was breathing. She could not see his chest breathing, so was told by the operator how to do CPR. After she gave a couple of pumps on his chest and checked to see if he was breathing, to Kacey's relief he had now began breathing. I was then told to put him into recovery position by the operator which my friend helped me do. Kacey then waited until the paramedics arrived. 

"I was relieved when they did turn up as I've never done anything like this and it has to be the scariest thing I've ever done. I did have the shakes for the rest of the night but I'm very proud of myself and so are my family. The paramedics also thanked me and said I did a brilliant job." 

Kacey added: "I do now want to become a paramedic as I was happy with myself to know that I had helped the man and it's very rewarding." 


Well done Kacey!