Group - Lecturer recognised for technology innovation
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Lecturer recognised for technology innovation

EKC Group lecturer Andy Jeffrey has had his innovative use of technology recognised after being awarded the coveted Microsoft innovative educator expert (MIEE) label by the worldwide software company.

The Broadstairs College Automotive Programme Director has made extensive use of technology in the classroom, developing a range of exciting new uses for the Office 365 suite of software. Andy uses Teams extensively, creating a collaborative working environment in his curriculum, unlocking the power of collective problem solving and sharing best practice. Andy’s use of technology in the classroom stems from his eagerness to develop more efficient and effective solutions.

He said: “As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed finding and using the latest technologies. My passion is to look at the systems we all use and make them easier and more effective. I have strived to use technology to make life easier, more enjoyable and to be more creative.”

And it isn’t just Microsoft software Andy uses to benefit the students he teaches. He also uses a range of other software, with programmes like Trello enabling his area to develop better workflow processes. Andy also has a passion for using social media, working to promote the course and his students’ activities. Andy makes regular video bulletins, highlighting the range of tasks his students are tackling and highlighting the skills they’re learning.

Andy says: “It’s brilliant to be able to showcase the work our students are doing and the things they get the opportunity to learn. It’s also really important to me to be able to inspire my students to get involved in technology, so that they develop the digital skills they’ll need for their future careers.”