Group - EKC Group launches new Mental Health Charter
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EKC Group launches new Mental Health Charter

The post-Christmas lows, New Year’s resolutions coming to an end and the dreaded return to work. These are all factors contributing to what is known as the most statistically depressing day of the year: Blue Monday.

In relation to this annual day, which is typically the third Monday of January, EKC Group ran a campaign to help reduce the negative stigma surrounding mental ill health in young people. It is thought that around 25 percent of us will experience a mental health problem this year. As a key issue for such a large number of the population, the Group wanted to raise awareness while tackling the negative connotations of mental ill health.

The Group also used the opportunity to launch our new Mental Health Charter, which seeks to set out our pledge to students to help them tackle mental ill health. The launch was supported by one of the Group’s talented Graphic Design students, who created a series of posters encouraging learners to #SpeakUp about mental ill health in order to combat the stigma which surrounds it.

Alongside the new charter, each EKC Group’s family of colleges and business units will have their own staff member who is a fully trained counsellor in order to help spot the signs of mental unrest earlier, and offer a service to those who need it. This will allow both staff and students to seek the advice they need while in their place of work or study, in a confidential way.

EKC Group’s Executive Director Student Experience & Wellbeing, Lauren Anning, said: “We recognise the challenges faced by young people today and we wish to support the mental wellbeing of students studying at our family of colleges. We want every student to have the best opportunities to reach their full potential whilst they are with us. This new Mental Health Charter will help us to achieve this goal, ensuring our students get the best opportunities to flourish in our learning environments.”