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EKC Group provides services for local troops

The community learning team from EKC WorkHigher were able to provide an intensive Level 2 functional skills mathematics programme, to help upskills soldiers in Folkestone.

Soldiers from the Gurkha Regiment who are based at Shorncliffe Barracks in Folkestone were given the opportunity in order to aid their development and help them progress.

The course, which was delivered over three weeks, started with the soldiers undertaking an initial assessment that enabled the team of tutors to focus on the areas needing development.

All 15 of the soldiers passed their exams in following the Level 2 functional skills mathematics programme, which has led to the introduction of the English equivalent for the students. As well as this, Level 1 courses are also being developed which will allow other soldiers who need to start at a lower level to access these essential qualifications.

When asked about how this opportunity arose, Jayne Duncan, Deputy Head Employability and Community, said: “An initial meeting with the battalion senior officers was held, and we were able to set up a timetable to run initial assessments and then deliver over a 4 week period. Due to their operational requirements it is sometimes difficult for the soldiers to attend long weekly courses as they can get called away and transferred quickly.”

Jayne continued: “The programme was expertly delivered and we’re really pleased by the brilliant results that have been achieved.”

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