Group - Timed Challenge Tests Students’ Construction Skills
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Timed Challenge Tests Students’ Construction Skills

Built Environment students from our Folkestone College recently put their construction know-how to the test by taking part in an end of term skills competition.

The internal event saw Bricklaying and Plastering students go head to head to complete a timed challenge within their respective specialisms in a bid to claim victory and take home state-of-the-art toolkits. 

Each student was given a drawing to work from and the same period of time to complete the challenge.

In the bricklaying challenge, Level 1 student, Jordan Vincent, scooped the top prize for their impressive wall building skills, receiving a certificate and a bricklaying tool kit. Close behind, in joint second place were Ethan Moss and Charlie Haynes, who both received a certificate.

 “It’s a great way for the students to demonstrate the skills they have learnt this year and goes a long way to promote student independence and the ability to work to a deadline,” commented Level 1 Bricklaying Tutor, David Rowe.

He continued: “It has been good to still be able to hold our internal competitions in what has been a challenging year and we are looking forward to being able to go to regional and national skills competitions in the future.”

Elsewhere, the plastering challenge saw Level 2 student, Ben Wakefield, claim the top spot for their high-quality skills, taking home a plastering toolkit and certificate. Meanwhile, Linsey Field received a certificate for second place, whilst John Molroe claimed third place.

Speaking about the event, Level 2 Plastering Tutor, Andy Lockyer, said: “We took what would normally have been part of the course and turned it into a competition to produce a fibrous moulding and fix it to a wall.

“We are really fortunate at Folkestone College that we are able to fully cover this complex part of plastering in our workshops and the students loved the challenge of a task that really stretched their knowledge and skill level.”    

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