Group - Revolution in education pathways as EKC Schools Trust launches
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Revolution in education pathways as EKC Schools Trust launches

EKC Schools Trust has officially launched with four pioneering Primary Schools forming it, to bring a systemic change to education provision in Kent. The Trust will work alongside its sister organisation EKC Group, to offer access to industry standard technical and vocational learning environments in order to introduce Primary School aged children to different learning pathways.

The Trust formed on 1 March, when all four schools closed before re-opening as Academies in EKC Schools Trust. The schools which have formed EKC Schools Trust are Bysing Wood Primary, Briary Primary, Holywell Primary and Queenborough School and Nursery.

Tammy Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of EKC Schools Trust, led the creation of the new Multi Academy Trust.

She said: “It’s wonderful to launch EKC Schools Trust as it brings to life a concept unlike any other in Kent. Our schools are able to retain their independence, making their own decisions, and remaining embedded within the community which they serve. We believe wholeheartedly in the unique and individualised nature of these excellent schools, and as a consequence EKC Schools Trust will work to help them retain and grow local relationships, and personalised approaches and curriculums while celebrating their distinctiveness. This launch really marks an exciting moment in education within Kent.”

Graham Razey is the Chief Executive Officer for EKC Group, which will work closely with the Trust to offer pupils the opportunity to engage with technical and vocational pathways at an earlier stage in their education.

Graham said: “Working with EKC Schools Trust will enable us to offer our industry standard facilities to pupils at an earlier age, showcasing the wide range of opportunities available through technical and vocational learning. We’re committed to delivering the next generation of skilled workers, and as part of that we want to show our community the learning opportunities and amazing careers that are available through our family of further education Colleges. The Trust will be unique in this, with no other College locally doing anything like this.”