Group - Meet the College Hero Sewing Scrubs for Frontline Staff
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Meet the College Hero Sewing Scrubs for Frontline Staff

EKC WorkHigher Operations Coordinator, Wendy Salmon, has been busy creating vital scrubs for local frontline staff.

Wendy embarked on her scrub-making journey after joining a local ‘NHS For the Love of Scrubs’ Facebook Group. The initiative, originally devised by a London nurse, seeks to engage people and businesses with sewing capacity to create essential items such as scrubs and scrub bags, with regional coordinators arranging the distribution of the completed garments to frontline services.

“I wanted to help the NHS during this terrible pandemic, so I initially pledged to make 12 sets of scrubs and ordered the first 27 metres of blue fabric, threads and cord using my holiday money as it was cancelled,” explained Wendy.

She continued: “I was aware that EKC Group supports volunteering, so I asked my Manager, Jo Gill, and Principal of EKC WorkHigher, Lindsey Biggs, whether I could be granted some work time to make the scrubs. This was approved, and the Group is supporting me in what I am doing for the NHS.”

Wendy, who has been inspired by her youngest son’s partner who works as a Nurse, has seen her first six sets of scrubs put to good use at a local Medical Centre.

Fully supported by EKC Group and her family, Wendy has started on the next six sets using fabric bought by her sons and is looking to the future, putting in orders for additional rolls of fabric to continue sewing the much-needed items.

Wendy is a member of the EKC WorkHigher team which enables people across East Kent to pursue pre-employment training, apprenticeships, professional development courses, foundation degrees and postgraduate qualifications. More information can be found on the EKC WorkHigher pages.