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EKC Group Goes Cashless

We are leading the way in becoming one of the first education providers in Kent to go completely cash-free.

From Monday 24 August, students, staff and visitors to our family of Colleges and Business Units across East Kent, will exclusively use cashless payment methods to pay for goods, services and experiences.

Led by the successful introduction of cashless-only payments in our luxury four-star spa hotel in Broadstairs, The Yarrow, our decision to accelerate the roll-out of cashless technologies to all of our sites, comes as we prepare to reopen following the UK-wide lockdown earlier this year.   

Alongside the suite of existing cashless payment options, we have invested in an innovative new digital system, enabling students and staff members to use an app linked to their Group identification cards to purchase items on-site.

The app will include a ‘Click and Collect’ feature, transforming how students and staff interact with our on-site refectories by enabling them to pre-order, pay and collect meals safely.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Chris Legg, commented: “We are committed to embracing new and innovative technologies to enhance the experiences of our students, staff and guests.

“We have long aspired to become a cashless organisation, and we are proud to have invested in this technology to provide a safer alternative to handling money during this global pandemic.

“We are exploring how we can make full use of the app, and we hope this investment will allow for more opportunities to innovate and establish new avenues for students and staff members to engage with our services and activities.”