Group - EKC Group gets behind Safer Internet Day 2019
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EKC Group gets behind Safer Internet Day 2019

With students and young people using digital methods evermore, this year EKC Group’s family of colleges and business units are backing ‘Safer Internet Day 2019’.

This national day of action sees organisations join together to promote enhanced safety and security for anyone who goes online. Organised by the Safer Internet Centre, the day aims to promote awareness about the risks of unsafe internet usage, promoting initiatives around secure passwords, and safe email usage.

As a large further education provider with some 13,000 students, internet safety is an important topic for EKC Group. Director of Technology at EKC Group, Barry Boden, explained just why he felt it was so important to back the initiative.

He said: “It is our duty as educators to keep the personal information of those we look after and teach safe. We should use this day to reflect and update our practices both at work and in their personal life which can only be a good thing.”

Barry continued: “Safer Internet Day is important for anyone who goes online, whether they’re parents, educators or students of any age. You really cannot overstate the importance of staying safe online, so we’re happy to be promoting this important cause to our staff and students.”

Working at a national level, the Safer Internet Centre offers three main services: Awareness, Helpline and Hotline. Formed from three internet safety groups (Internet Watch Foundation, South West Grid for Learning and Childnet International), the UK Safer Internet Centre has a growing reach across the United Kingdom helping to ensure safer internet use by schools and businesses alike.

For more information on how to stay safe online, or on how you can support the UK Safer Internet Centre, visit