Group - Colleges team up for charity art auction
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Colleges team up for charity art auction

As Christmas approaches why not get a unique artwork for your house, business or friend, while giving money to charity?

EKC Group and Christ The King Sixth Form Colleges (CTK) have already launched their Christmas Gift Appeal and GoFundMe campaign, but are delighted to now announce their Charity Art Auction.

A wide array of works are on offer on the auction site, taking in all artistic media available to staff and students from across EKC Group and Christ The King.

A 'Folded Paper' diptych created at the Canterbury School of Visual Arts for the charity art auction

Starting with incredibly low estimates, bidding on the original pieces is open to everyone with delivery available across the UK.

The auctions are set to close on Friday, December 17.

All money raised will be added to the ongoing GoFundMe campaign being held in support of PorchlightDemelza Hospice Care for ChildrenRefuge, and St Vincent de Paul Society

A range of prints are among the pieces on offer, including this one starting at £5

Ben Kidger, Head of Visual Arts at the Canterbury School of Visual Arts at Canterbury College, said: "I'm overwhelmed by the response of our art students and lecturers, as well as those of Christ The King, in donating such a wide number and array of pieces for the auction.

"Not only is it a great opportunity to raise money for such vital charities, it also gives our students the experience of having their work sold and displayed in homes or businesses.

"Art aficionados will be sure to find something they like among the lots and, at such great prices, this is an opportunity that really shouldn't be missed."

This striking black and white illustration has been created by Cameron, a student studying at Christ the King Sixth Forms' CTK Aquinas

Martyn Jones, Assistant Principal and Curriculum Director of Art, Engineering and Media at CTK, said: "We are beyond grateful to both the learners and the staff at CTK and the EKC group who have generously donated their pieces of artwork for our art auction. The variety of the pieces on display is a testament to the talent that permeates through both groups of colleges, and we are eager to see how much we can raise to help these great causes.

"We are confident that there is something for everyone at this auction, so come and see the artwork now and find that special piece that resonates with you. Happy bidding!"

Click here to view the auction or to bid on an artwork.