Group - College students make food donations across Folkestone
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College students make food donations across Folkestone

Folkestone College students give back to their community as part of EKC Group’s community week

Level 2 Business & Enterprise and Level 2 Finance students from Folkestone College have been giving back to the community as part of EKC Group’s biannual Community Week.

The students delivered bags of gleaned apples, collected from a local fruit farm, with the help of Gleaning Kent.

Gleaning is the process of collecting fruit that remains on the tree at the end of the farming season. It is a great way to reduce the amount of fruit that is wasted, and ensure the food goes to a better cause.

One of the places that the fruit went to was ‘The Rainbow Centre’ on Folkestone Highstreet which dedicates its time and resources to helping homeless people.

The manager of the centre, John Burgess, said: “It is wonderful to receive donations such as this from Folkestone College students, as we are entirely reliant on the generosity of people in Folkestone and the wider area for donations to our foodbank. Without people such as your students taking time out to help, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do, supporting people in crisis in the Folkestone and Hythe Council area.

“From your visit, for me, it was wonderful to see young people taking part and excited and energised by what they are doing. They are the leaders of tomorrow and for me, as the Homeless Support Service Manager, it is really important to see young people taking an interest in social initiatives, so that they will hopefully take these concerns into their adult lives."

“Lastly, I think a big thank you but please take on your concerns and remain aware of social issues and continue to help generate change in your community.”

Head of Business and Enterprise and Finance at Folkestone College, Alexandra Syrotiuk, said: “Here at Folkestone College we are proud to be in a position to give our time and encourage our students to actively participate in giving back to their community. 

The impact that involvement and participation in community social action projects and activities has had on our students has been overwhelmingly positive and things like this make them realise in some instances how lucky they are and how important it is to be aware of other issues in society outside of their own experiences.”

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