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Canterbury College Drag Show returns

Canterbury College's Students’ Union held their popular Drag Show on Wednesday 22nd February, after the huge success of its first outing last year.

The Drag Show aimed to honour LGBTQ+ History Month and promote inclusivity and diversity throughout the student community.

Students from Canterbury College were encouraged to perform alongside professional drag artists, including Anita Wee, Delilah Tickles and Emma Panda.

Hosts Anita Wee and Delilah Tickles warmed the crowd up and set the atmosphere ahead of the show through their fantastic hosting and comedy.

They said: "It was absolutely fantastic to host the Drag Show. It was fabulous to see a wide variety of drag being performed, with such a fun crowd watching. Looking forward to seeing some of the new queens turning into superstars in the future."

Various departments across the College collaborated for the event, including Art & Design students who created placards as a backdrop to the catwalk and Performing Arts students who organised lighting and sound to make it an impactful event.

SU Promotions Officer, Cuong Pham, supported the marketing of the Drag Show, promoting through social media and around the campus.

Four students from Canterbury College took to the stage alongside the industry professionals with their own drag acts, many of whom made their stage debut.

Media student Nova Pearce performed for the first time as Cigarette, lip-syncing their way through Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’.

Nova said: "I help run the Students’ Union’s LGBTQ+ Committee and when I heard there was a drag show coming up at the College I knew I had to get involved.

I do drag outside of College but have never had a paid gig - hopefully this will be my big break. I'm 100 percent going to perform at the show again next year!”

Student drag king Julien King, performed by Niamh Lynn-Devere, took to the stage for the second time after debuting at the College’s Drag Show last year.

Niamh said: "Considering last year's event was the first time I'd ever performed in a drag show, I think my performance went really well. All the students and staff were so supportive.”

Alumni student Kane Judge also returned this year as Cheryl Shots, wowing the crowd with their vogue dancing to Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do'.

Student Experience Officer, Rosie Trent, said: "The professional drag artists were amazing and our student performers blew me away with their talent! The Drag Show is something we have organised at Canterbury College for two years now, and the promotion of diversity and inclusivity is so valuable to our learning environment."