Group - Canterbury College Alumna Smashes Fundraising Target with English Channel Swim
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Canterbury College Alumna Smashes Fundraising Target with English Channel Swim

Former GB Triathlete and alumna from our Canterbury College, Sarah Philpott, recently completed a solo swim of the English Channel, raising over £6,300 for charity.

The former Sport student decided to take the plunge after rediscovering her love of swimming during the Lockdown earlier this year.

“Living in Dover, you are never short of inspirational people that come here to attempt to swim the Channel. It’s like living at the foot of Everest and not wanting to climb the mountain,” explained Sarah, who hadn’t swum in over 15 years but felt inspired to complete a solo attempt 22 years after taking part in a Channel Relay in 1998.

“I always promised myself that I would do a solo attempt when I reached my 40’s, and here I am!” exclaimed Sarah.

She continued: “Whilst I was a seasoned triathlete the transition to long-distance swimming has been a real challenge as I’ve had to significantly change my pace, endure the cold water and work much harder on training the mind more so that the body.”

On Monday 14 September, Sarah met the challenge and fulfilled her ambition, successfully swimming 21 miles across the English Channel in 13 hours and 48 minutes.

She exceeded her fundraising target, with thousands of pounds set to benefit her two chosen charities, Worldwide Cancer Research and Fifth Sense.

Upon completing the swim, Sarah commented: “I would sincerely like to thank all of my supporters in believing in me, and Medical Engineering Technologies, my employer and sponsor, in enabling me to take on this challenge.”

Sarah’s fundraising page is still open to donations. To learn more about Sarah’s swim and to make a donation, visit her fundraising page.