Group - Broadstairs College Celebrates First Swift Sighting at New Nest Site
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Broadstairs College Celebrates First Swift Sighting at New Nest Site

Our Broadstairs College is celebrating a successful first step in its swift conservation efforts after a small flock of the endangered birds were spotted at its newly created nest site.

Coinciding with ‘Swift Awareness Week’, the sighting comes just months after local Wildlife Conservationist, Nik Mitchell, installed seven nest boxes on the side of one of the College’s tallest buildings as part of a pioneering conservation initiative between Broadstairs College, the RSPB’s Thanet Local Group, and himself.

The project aims to establish Kent’s first artificial swift colony and help safeguard the future of the exceptional bird.

It was hoped that the 21 nest cavities on the College’s premises would become home to first-time nesters when the young swifts returned from their fledgling flight in two to three years’ time. However, the discovery of swifts circling the site has prompted optimism that a new colony may be established earlier than expected.

Assistant Principal of Broadstairs College, Sarah Benfield, commented: “We are incredibly excited to see late-arriving swifts showing interest in our new nest boxes.

“The swift conservation initiative in collaboration with Nik and RSPB’s Thanet Local Group is one of many projects we’re undertaking to protect local wildlife and to provide safe spaces for nature to thrive on-site.”



To learn more about the project, and Broadstairs College’s ongoing journey to become an environmentally conscious organisation, visit