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Folkestone Entrepreneurship Conference 2019

Congratulations to our Peter Jones Academy Business Students who hosted the Folkestone Entrepreneurship Conference this March with key speakers Steve Howard and Jon Fisher.

On Wednesday 27th March our Peter Jones Academy Business and Enterprise students hosted an entrepreneurship conference here at our Folkestone campus which was attended by students from all EKC campuses, staff and local business owners. The aim of the event was to not only engage students in business and to get them to start thinking about their future aspirations but the students also intended the event to be an opportunity for attendees to network so as to create future contacts that may be helpful for job searches upon leaving college.

The business students who ran the conference along with their tutor Alexandra Syrotiuk

The event was not only a success due to all the work put in by the students and their tutor but also the fascinating key note lectures by Finally Creative Marketing CEO Steve Howard and Costa's Head of Loyalty and CRM Jon Fisher. Both speakers are not only just successful in the world of business but they also both began their career journies in this very same college 30 years previously. Jon and Steve inspired both staff and students by recounting their career journies and explaining to students how life doesn't always go to plan but it is important to stay procative and engaged in your careers trajectory. 

Speaker Steve Howard, CEO of Finally Creative Marketing
Jon Fisher, Head of Loyalty and CRM for Costa

After the key note presentations student were also lucky enough to have the opportunity to take part in the Q&A session with both Jon and Steve where they were able to ask questions and get answers on how to get their start in business, how to have a successful career and how to start their own company. The feedback from students on this session was very positive and many left feeling inspired and motivated to start planning theur future career journeys in more detail.