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Community Renewal Fund Evaluation

The EKC Group have three successful Community Renewal Fund projects that we are searching for a qualified and exceptional evaluator to evaluate all three projects.

The evaluator will need to follow ‘the Magenta Book’ methods and comply with the Guidance from KCC and Central Government. Further guidance can be found below. The Evaluator will commence their evaluation in April 2022 and complete all work by the 30th June 2022 for all three Community Renewal Fund projects.

Purpose of evaluation

  • Appropriateness of initial design
  • Progress against targets
  • Delivery and management
  • Outcomes and impact
  • Value for money
  • Lessons learnt

Ideal Candidate

  • An interest in educational policy, social justice (in education) & Community beneficiary projects.

Expected work activities including outputs

  • Data analysis (with some existing research completed on behalf of the Group
  • Interviews (Employers/Stakeholders/Delivery Staff/Students)
  • Review of existing published research
  • Output- Empirical report with suggested approaches/actions for the Group to take forward and share with wider FE sector.
  • Working with Internal and External Partners of the EKC Group to evaluate the projects performance.
  • Measurements of actual outcomes and outputs against targets
  • Lessons learnt during the project
  • Value for Money

Selection Process

The successful Candidate will be chosen by

  1. Shortlist of Expression of interest
  2. A formal interview process


Duration & How to apply

  • Duration- April 2022 to 30th of June 2022
  • Application deadline:  Friday 15th April 2022
  • To apply for this opportunity an expression of interest detailing ‘how you will meet the requirements of evaluation’ and a submission of cost is required via email. Please send your formal quote and expression of interest to

For more information or enquiries please contact