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10 Reasons to Study at EKC Sixth Form College


1. We are in a great location 

Being in the heart of Canterbury, we benefit from the City's exceptional transport links and long history as a place of academic excellence.

2. Many enrichment opportunities

Alongside your studies there will be trips and field trips, performance areas and a sport centre… the list is too long to place everything here.

3. We prepare you for future success and your dream career

Although important, we are not just about exams, and we want to ensure you stand out from the crowd and are attractive to the university or future career of your choice.

4. We look after our students both academically and pastorally

With highly-skilled support teams, dedicated tutorials and, where needed, we have bursaries to help with course costs and travel.

5. We are the perfect place to make new friends and become more independent

Unlike a school sixth form, you’ll meet students from all walks of life and be given greater freedoms, with independent study periods and the chance to plan your own learning.

6. We are a supportive, self-contained community within a larger campus, so you get the benefit of both

Our Sixth Form College has everything, from modern science laboratories and an excellent sporting centre, through to open plan social spaces, all within a larger campus. This means that you benefit from the scale of opportunity, but we are still able to get to know all our students very well and can personalise your learning, your curriculum and the support that you receive. With dedicated and hugely supportive staff it is the ideal learning environment to prepare you carefully for University life.


7. We have outstanding teachers

All of our teachers are A Level specialists. In addition to their academic credentials, many also have industry backgrounds, meaning that they can contextualise your studies and help you prepare for the world of work beyond university.


8. We can improve your chances of getting into University

The EKC Sixth Form College team provides an expertly qualified Careers lead. Their role is to provide you with assistance through the UCAS process, helping you best articulate all of your qualities and skillsets (academic and extra-curricula) to ensure you stand out from the crowd.


9. Ofsted think we are ‘Good’

At our last Ofsted the EKC Group received ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding Leadership’ across everything they do.


10. We passionately believe in mutual respect for everyone

We embrace diversity and are strongly committed to equality of opportunity, regardless of gender, race, culture, sexual orientation or religious belief for all students, staff and the wider community.



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