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The importance of inclusion is always front and centre in our schools, colleges and settings, but it can be challenging to ensure every aspect of the agenda is current in our thinking. Our virtual conference with its abundance of speakers and workshops provides an opportunity to identify key areas that might need revisiting, a refresh or just a slight refocus.

Thursday 19 May 2022 | 09:30 - 15:30

2022 Event Programme

The Inclusion Agenda underpins everything we do in education, our culture, values and ethos, ensuring that every child and young person is treated with equality, with affection and with the respect they deserve as the unique people they are. Join us for a series of insightful workshops with expert practitioners.

Each workshop is 45minutes and includes time for Q&A. 

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Date: Thursday 7th July 2022

Time: 9am for 9:30 start, finishing at 3:30pm

Location: Online via Microsoft Teams

Cost: £45 EKC Group and KMA Partners and £55 Other schools and settings 


Here's what's included in your ticket price:

Keynote with #Inclusionist Sarah Le-Good, Director of Inclusion at Derby College 

  • Inclusion and Support in the World of Education. Join Sarah Le-Good #Inclusionist to reflect on Inclusion and Support in the world of Further Education. As the FE agenda continues to respond and develop to the needs of our communities, employers and wider society Sarah will challenge us to explore how developing a kaizen (continuous improvement) mind set to inclusive practice can help. It could not only enable all students to achieve and succeed but may help us as practitioners maintain our well being resilience and maybe even our happiness!
  • Developing an Truly Inclusive Curricula – Intent and Implementation - Join Sarah to explore and define
    • ​The impact of attribute based language on curriculum and teaching
    • Establishing intent – why are you doing what you do when you do it and for what?
    • Authenticity and being what we want to see – teaching informed by intersectionality
    • Cocreation of schemes of learning with students – listening vs hearing
    • What would be even better if…?

And there's more, choose to attend 3 of the following incredible workshops:

Equality – One Trust’s Journey to Greater Inclusion with Garry Ratcliffe, CEO The Galaxy Trust

In this session, Garry discusses the perilous and often uncomfortable journey of sewing a golden thread of equality throughout the trust.

The presentation will follow the trust’s core values and how this translates in to concrete actions and decisions within each school, and the consequences of each action and decision.  Garry will not only talk about the positive measures taken to represent equality through the curriculum, but the wider issues around discrimination, and how this has affected pupils, parents and staff alike.  Garry intends to offer a series of questions for reflection, as well as some practical tips for making every learning organisation a more inclusive and equal place to learn.

The Galaxy Trust is a Multi Academy Trust of four primary schools in North Kent. 

The Gift of Teaching to Support Cultural Change with Jo Campbell, Director of SEND Development & Katy Brown, Director of English, EKC Group

Celebrating difference to promote inclusion. Focusing on the tools and technology to promote independent learning.

How Difficult Conversations Can Lead to an Inclusive Culture with Clare Bush, Counsellor and Well-Being Lead, Queenborough Primary School and Nursery

We all have conversations that we are putting off for various reasons, but is our fear of the short term discomfort affecting our ability to be wholly inclusive?  In this session Clare will explore why certain conversations can be difficult and how we can overcome the barriers.

Working With The Most Challenging Behaviour with Steve Wickenden, Drama Coach & Wellbeing Support Mentor, Queenborough Primary School and Nursery

Steve (wellbeing support worker and specialist counsellor for children and young people) adopts a trauma-informed approach to working with the most challenging behaviour. In this session, he will explore the ways in which we can support those who display challenging behaviour, as well as the students around them and the staff members who work with them. 

Website Usability and Accessibility with Nathan Hunt, Director of Digital Transformation & Customer Support

In this session Nathan Hunt, Director of Digital Transformation at the EKC Group, will be exploring the role of accessibility and usability within websites. Nathan will discuss the broad requirements and obligations of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as well as practical and easy steps to reviewing website usability, including user testing, quick wins and working with developers.

Fostering a growth mindset to make the classroom inclusive and increase engagement and motivation in all learners with Neala Whybrow, Director of Education Improvement and Shabana Raman, Director of Maths, EKC Group

This session will focus on inclusion strategies to foster a growth mindset in all learners in order to encourage, motivate and engage them in the learning.


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2022 is shaping up to be just as vibrant and high-impact as last year's event!