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EKC Schools Trust

Our vision is to ensure ambitions in life can be achieved through outstanding education and skills. We are committed to offering our schools the opportunity to grow and develop, while remaining an independent part of their local community.

EKC Schools Trust’s commitment

As part of EKC Schools Trust’s commitment to enhancing the outcomes for the communities we serve, we want to help our schools grow and develop, with enhanced central services that leave staff free to focus further on delivering an outstanding education to their pupils.

We offer a structure which ensures our schools still have the independence to make their own decisions and remain a core part of the community it serves. We believe wholeheartedly in the unique and individualised nature of these excellent educational establishments. EKC Schools Trust wants to help its schools to retain and grow local relationships, personalised approaches and curriculums while celebrating the distinctiveness of each of them.

About Us

We are committed to raising the aspiration of all within the communities we serve. Helping children and young people to grow and flourish, and achieve their personal ambitions.

Our Schools & Partners

As a family of schools, colleges and business units, EKC Schools Trust is part of a unique partnership.

Education Services

Our professional development centre provides our schools and partners with collaborative, high-impact CPD.

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Keep up to date with news and events from EKC Schools Trust.

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