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5 Skills to Flex for the Summer of Freedom

To say that last years’ summer was a little disappointing would be an understatement; the spectre of the first lockdown still loomed heavily over a nation who would find themselves back in the same position again in the autumn. Schemes such as ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ were launched by a government desperate to combat the zeitgeist of social reluctance and stimulate the floundering economy, and while discounted dining options were enjoyed by many of us, this was no substitute for the summer we had to miss.

Now with restrictions lifted and the UK opening up for business again, many of us are hoping for a return to normalcy- even if it proves to be only temporary! With the uncertainty meaning that more people than ever are opting for domestic holidays while simultaneously planning to make up for over a year of lost time, if the last year has been the metaphorical pulling back of the bow string, then the arrow is about to fly like an intercontinental missile.

So how do you make the most of the ‘Summer of Freedom’ while still being wary of potential risks? Here’s five skills you could pick up to enhance this season to its’ maximum potential;


1. Food

No, we’re not talking about learning to cook- if you’re not already culinarily inclined then a hot kitchen during the summer is no place to cut your teeth! But with more and more ‘street food’ vendors opening as a response to the limitations on indoor dining and the natural tendency many of us have to relax our eating habits during leisure time, an understanding of nutrition and health could go a long way toward helping you maintain (or work towards) that summer body…


2. Stopping the Potential Spread of Infection

Restrictions may be lifted, allowing us all to mix and mingle again but that does not mean that the threat of Covid19 has disappeared. Even with such a large percentage of the country vaccinated, there is still potential to catch a variant of the virus. And lets face it- even before the pandemic there were enough infections and viruses out there which can be stopped with a little bit of precaution! Although it may seem like a bit of a mundane skill, keeping a clean environment and knowing how to curtail the spread of germs is more important than ever, hygiene is everybody’s responsibility since the lack of it is everybody’s problem…

3. Becoming an Influencer

Social media has been a huge part of peoples lives for some time now and this was only enhanced during the pandemic when the social sphere became entirely digital for many. Influencers aren’t just high profile people like Khloe Kardashian or Jeffree Star (although these are great examples), some of the most successful people to utilise social media to promote a business, idea or brand are practically unheard of; Paul O’Mahoney is a digital marketer and trainer who despite being practically unknown, was the 2nd most followed Irish person on Twitter in 2015 thanks to his affiliate marketing strategies. Why not learn how to share your vision and values with the world?

4. Looking After Each Other

We’ve all had a tough time this last year and the repercussions are still being felt by many of us. Whether you’re concerned about the lasting effects to the children in your life, how to best support those with mental health conditions or simply to be able to provide general support to those around you, we all have a responsibility to look after each other now more than ever…

5. Paying it Forward…

Maybe you’ve mastered some of the above skills or just have it together in a way we haven’t specified here, so why not show others the way? In a time of excruciating uncertainty, so many people are looking to others in their community for guidance as to how they continue to cope and flourish in the midst of this turmoil. Maybe you could take someone under your wing and teach them the skills you’ve learnt or simply enhance the way you share your knowledge and insights with those you communicate with- there’s always a way to provide more support.