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Super Slabs Keep River Upbeat

Lock-down has seen many of us exploring new areas right on our doorsteps, for me, that’s been the picturesque village of River. Now this village is just lovely with its quaint houses and village feel, I found myself often walking though it for some daily exercise. Upon doing so I began noticing, dotted all around the village, garden slabs which had been painted with positive slogans to keep the residents upbeat and entertained.


These slabs are incredible, they are so ingenious and simple it makes me smile each time I see them. I believe the artist is relatively unknown, taking on a Banksy vibe, as the slabs generally appear overnight. I just hope in that same night a local resident hasn’t noticed that slab missing in their garden!

So if you live nearby, I would recommend a wander through the village on a nice day to see how many of these slabs you can spot. I think I counted around 35 last time I visited, many of which you’ll see in the image above, though by now, who knows. There could be hundreds!