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Staff Awards 2020

Congratulations to all our staff who were nominated by the students for an award. We had a huge response from students, highlighting the big impact staff have had on the lives of our students over the course of their study, demonstrating that our staff are truly valued and appreciated.



Positivity Award

Gavin Brown (Art and Design Department)

For always looking to get a positive out of a negative. Gavin's personality is bubbly and his positivity is infectious. 


Inspirational Staff

Joe Douglas (Engineering)

For your use of personal experience to inspire and develop your student's ambition and ensure they have the confidence to achieve great things.


Respect Award

Trudi Humphry-Rankin (College Services Assistant)

For your warm, welcoming attitude. You are a constant each time we walk into the reception, you are there to deal with any queries we have and you do so with kindness and understanding. 


Resilience Award

Tina Carvill (Hairdressing Lecturer)

For your desire to see all your students achieve their best and enjoy the profession. You are passionate about hairdressing and you always encourage and support your students, working with them to ensure they succeed. 


Funniest Staff Member

Trudy Hardy (Programme Director for Hairdressing)

For your ability to keep students upbeat and positive in a tough environment. Your sense of humour is enough to brighten the darkest of moods, keeping students smiling thought the day.


Best Tutor

Lynn Barr (Programme Director for Access to HE)

For your passion and dedication to your student's success, you have continued to inspire your students, seeing them through good times and bad. Lynn has sparked a fire inside me and has inspired me to go and become a tutor myself. Fantastic job Lynn!


Best Support Staff

Susan Preston (Progression Mentor) 

For always being there for the students you support and often going above and beyond to help any student in need. You have been a constant positive for many students who needed that extra reassurance.


Excellence Award

Annike King (Head of Service Industries and Access to HE)

For your extremely well structured and enjoyable lessons. You are an all-round excellent member of staff, always willing to assist students with any concerns, often resolving a problem instantly and leaving students feeling reassured and confident in their next steps. You have a brilliant sense of humour, a blessing much needed to get through those psychology theories.


Best Curriculum Department

Access to Higher Education

This is an outstanding department, educating and inspiring adult learners with each and every encounter. The team's combined knowledge is outstanding, as is their ability to relate to students and get them though, what is a very intensive year of study. The team often go above and beyond to ensure their students succeed and feel supported throughout their course.  


Best Support Department

The Refectory

For your friendly and accommodating service, throughout the year. You are there for students day in day out to ensure they receive a meal when needed, even if this means making something from scratch. You keep the students energised and ready to learn through your kind attitude and tasty grub.