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Get Active

Working out is great for the mind and body and now is the time to set yourself up a little calendar to make exercise a part of your lifestyle.  Exercise takes many forms from walking, cycling, gardening, gym, exercise classes, etc.  As we are all stuck indoors/gardens now, I have put together a little Tabata workout for you to do – all you need is a timer (use the one on your phone), yourself and some water! 

If you have any injuries or medical conditions please seek advice before you workout.

A Tabata workout is a high-intensity interval training.  This workout is 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest.  You need to work as hard as you can, keeping good form and technique, in those 20 seconds and use your rests!!  It is a 24-minute workout and you will be done in 30 mins! 

There are 6 Tabata rounds and you will complete each one 4 times through before moving onto the next one!

Warm-up – marching on the spot, light jog, dance, light lunged and squats, half star jumps or full ones!  Anything to get the body warm! For about 3-5 mins.  If jumping is not your thing then take the jumps out.

Tabata 1 

Jumping Jacks 

Squat Jacks (Like a jumping jack but squat)

Tabata 2 


Mountain Climbers

Tabata 3

Speed Skaters

Forward lunge

Tabata 4



Tabata 5 

Alternate Jump Lunges (leave the jump if you need to)

Chair dips

Tabata 6

Squat Jumps (leave out the jump if you need to)

High Knees

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