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Bee Amazing Project

Each year, the children and young people of EKC Group and EKC Schools Trust deliver a social action project, inspiring and developing them as individuals and positively impacting the community.

This year we've committed to BEE Amazing, undertaking projects to bring awareness to the vital role bees play in the natural world and the threats facing their survival.

We're inviting our communities to join us in our social action project to save our bees and here's how you can get, or rather bee involved:

Get Learning

Learn about how important bees are to our world, the threats facing their survival and what we can do to help through a range of activities and resources.

Get Creating

Our competition to educate our community, spread the word and promote our bees.

Get Planting

Knowing that we need bees! And bees need flowers! We're challenging Kent to get planting.

Latest news from Bee Amazing Project

Our very own Holywell Primary School got planting with their very own bee garden with a variety of wild flowers.

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Ashford College's Green Initiative includes habitat for bee pollination

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Broadstairs College taking part in No Mow May

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