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Catching up with our T Level students

T Levels are a new qualification designed to give you a head-start towards your chosen career, an apprenticeship or a degree at university. We caught up with some of our Education and Childcare students to find out why they decided to study a T Level.


"I chose this course because I've always wanted to work in Early Years. I was lucky enough to pass my GCSEs, which placed me on this course. Completing a T Level is a great opportunity as it is a direct route to university, but also can lead to great job options if you decide not to continue to higher education."


"I chose to study a T Level at Broadstairs College because it opens up so many more opportunities than traditional A levels. I've always known I wanted to work with children so figured this course would be the ideal stepping-stone to get me where I want to be."


"I decided to do this course as it's a good pathway into many careers, and you learn a lot of useful transferable skills. T Levels are also a good route if you want to progress to uni, especially for those who think sixth form isn't for them.

I chose to study at Broadstairs College because it is accessible, and inclusive for all students, something that is really important to me."


"Completing a T Level is a far less time-restrictive way of learning than sixth form, and that suits me better. We only complete two days of college a week, meaning the rest of the time I am free to work, complete independent study and gain new industry placements and experience.

I enjoy college as it is a more relaxed and mature environment than school. This course is more vocational and 'hands-on', and the tutors have given me more confidence in achieving my goals. I also appreciate that the course teaches us a wide range of transferable and industry-specific skills for the workplace."


“I’m undecided between two different career paths, social work and primary education, and this course is the perfect route into both. Studying this T Level will help me learn all about Education and Childcare, giving me more time to decide on a specialism in my second year. By doing this course I can pursue either career choice. I also think because T Levels were created by industry experts they open up more opportunities and you learn the right skills you need for work.”

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