Ashford College - 'The Spotlight' Podcast
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'The Spotlight' Podcast

Ashford College's very own podcast - created by our Music students!

What is 'the spotlight'?

'the spotlight' is a podcast founded in January of this year by students on our Music pathway, and shines a light on the students of Ashford College, as well as people in our community who have an impact on the college. It was created out of an aspiration to do something fun and to be able to have an impact on the college outside of the curriculum. We hope you will join us in saying it has achieved so! Hosted by Tash and Jordan, this podcast hopes to give you an insight into life here at the college. 

If you want more information behind the music pathway and want to see how this podcast was made possible with the help of our facilties and staff, why not look at our Music pathway? 

What is the latest 'the spotlight' episode about?

Our latest episode is all about Harrison, a music student at Ashford, who talks about his dreams of joining the army after his education here with us. Jordan also asks him some quickfire fun questions and talks more about life at the college and his music course. You can find this episode at the top of the page!

Where can I listen to new/old episodes of 'the spotlight'?

When new podcast episodes are released you will find us promoting these on our social media, as well as be uploaded to the EKC Group Youtube page. All of the old episodes can all be found on the same page, under 'the spotlight' playlist, or by finding our posts on social media about these.