Marketing is a diverse career choice with different specialisms, from digital marketing to copywriting. Whether you’re interested in researching consumer behaviour or promoting a product or brand, our courses will give you a realistic view of this broad and highly skilled area of work.

In a fast-paced job, where no day is the same, marketers need to be reactive and proactive in seeking solutions to problems. With targets to meet, marketers are often unsung heroes, skilled at juggling tasks to meet business needs and consumer expectations.

From navigating rebrands and designing new websites, to organising events and firefighting problems, you will need to be multi-skilled to enter this challenging industry.

Studying with us, you will take part in brand analysis, develop promotional plans and take a role in an editorial team to produce a contemporary publication. You will also be encouraged to develop your research skills. These experiences will lay the foundations for you to undertake professional work and engage in client-led projects.

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