Caring for small children is a challenging but very rewarding and worthwhile career. You will watch them develop and learn new things every day and know that you had an impact on their learning, helping to shape who they will grow up to become. For many this is not just a responsibility, it’s also an honour.  

You will learn the skills needed to plan curriculum, and care for and educate young children aged 0-7 years. You will also develop the necessary skills ready for employment, with information and guidance to help you prepare for the process of job applications.

You can look forward to participating in two full days of work placements in our on-site nursery or with another local childcare provider allocated by the work placement officer.

Career Prospects

Child and early years officers

Annual pay
Workforce change

The workforce is projected to expand by 12% over the period to 2024, adding 4,036 jobs. In the same period, 30% of the workforce is projected to retire, creating 10,451 job openings.

Role description

Child and early years officers work with babies and with children up to 14 years of age (or 16 for those with special needs), providing support, help and advice to individuals or within a family context.

Common tasks

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