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Title: Intensive GCSE Maths
Start date: 08/01/2019
Location: Canterbury College
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Intensive GCSE Maths

This 'crammer' will give you a solid foundation in GCSE Maths. It is for adult learners (19+) who are looking to do an Access to Higher Education course.

What will I learn?

This is a short, intensive course which will allow you to take GCSE Maths at foundation tier (where the maximum grade is C). You will have access to maths software, and develop your skills in a supportive and caring environment.

How will I be assessed?

You will sit the foundation tier GCSE maths exams.

What may it lead to?

Maths GCSE can help you to join other courses (including the Pre-Access / Access to Higher Education programmes).

Entry Requirements

At the interview stage, you will have your literacy levels assessed. You must demonstrate that you have literacy at Level 2.

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